This is something that constantly, unceasingly, without a break, aeternum lurks in the corners of our minds.

We are confused and depressed by this realization, but we do not reflect on it further; and even if we do, the fundamental cause of our so-called "reflection" is the desire to explain the disturbing feeling away. We may explain it away with gender dysphoria, a newfound sexual penchant, or internalized misogyny. But deep down, we do understand that none of these are the true source, they are but only a cover for the chilling truth.

We dare not explore the faint memory we have that moves us to do wild things to justify and rationalize everything. We hide from it. We undergo surgery to not feel it. We read feminist theory. All that to break free of not bieng able to be blissfully ignorant of the truth.

But why does it have to be that way? And, most importantly, what is that vague recollection that drives us in so many of our identity struggles?

The Gloryholes Are Real Organization is on a journey to find the answers to all of these questions. And we are oh so close to our goal.